I was lucky to grow up near the beautiful village of Les Baux de Provence. The surrounding nature was the playground of my childhood, from the fields of olive trees to the rocky cliffs of Val d’Enfer. I have always had a deep attachment for this environment , so rich and so preserved.

When I was 10, during the summer, my mother taught me to make a fuseaux. With a few sprigs of freshly cut lavender and some satin ribbon, I discovered the charm of this typically Provencal craft. Once woven the fuseau combined the elegance of a refined manual gesture with the delicacy of the lavender scent.

A few years later, as a teenager, I decided to make this my first summer job: making fuseaux at the provencal markets. Equipped with a simple wooden chair and a wicker basket, this adventure was also a revelation. I discovered the amazed interest of the clients for this almost forgotten craft.

Then it was the departure for the Parisian capital here I studied cinema. With several years on the set under my belt, I flew away to spend many years in Asia. In the Philippines and in Cambodia I returned to my primary passion: crafts. An extremely rich experience in which I developed collaborations with women in remote Filipino provinces as well as a textile workshop in Phnom Penh.

On my return to Provence in 2015, I set out to develop the Fuseaux de Lavande adventure, with the firm desire to sustainably anchor the project in my beloved Provence. Imaging new products, forging links with marginalised people, planting 4000 lavender plants in the Alpilles… the adventure is gaining momentum. To my great joy I remain in tune with my values, my convictions and my ever-renewed desire.